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As a factory rider, dealer and official service technician for JAWA, Andrew is able to offer complete service, rebuild, tuning and brand new tuned engines to suit any requirement, as a rider himself Andrew is constantly striving to get the maximum performance necessary to win! 

  • Unique technical understanding of all engine types including JAWA & GM

  • Preferential rates for parts and spares

  • innovative design solutions

  • In house machining 

  • CAD design 

  • Titanium specialist 

  • Carburettor service and set up 

  • Valve seats cut and re faced 

  • Valve spring pressures analysed 

  • Compression check, piston and cylinder machined accordingly

  • Fly wheels balanced and trued

  • Custom fly wheels machined 

  • Engine testing

  • DYNO access

Machining process

Machining process

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